Bread Beer Classic


The Bread Beer Classic is Biova's beer made from reclaimed bread; fresh and light, it is made inspired by the Kolsh recipe and has an alcohol content of 4.8 percent vol. Produced from reclaimed ingredients, it has a savory note, given by the salt in the bread.


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Biova's Bread Beer Classic has an amber color due to high fermentation and a slightly fruity, faintly bitter flavor typical of Cologne beers.

Drunk well chilled, it is perfect for indulging in a break or for a not-too-busy aperitif. Biova's Bread Beer Classic is a must try: not only a good beer, but one that fights food waste.

Format: 0.33 l bottle
Ingredients: reclaimed bread, water, malt, hops and yeast
Alcohol content: 4.7 percent
Origin: Piedmont


330 ml

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  1. elena.licardi (verified owner) -

    Great gift idea because, not only very goodbut also a sustainability idea to spread!

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Against food waste comes Biova, the circular economy beer that recovers bread before it becomes waste for disposal.

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