Manna madonita

A group of very young professionals taking care of ash trees and manna harvesting respecting the rhythms of the seasons within the Madonie Park to produce manna, sap and slow food presidium, this is Manna Madonita.

Manna is a miraculous substance from ash trees used to make soaps and hand cream like you've never experienced. . 


Manna Madonia's manna is the highest quality manna on the market, as it is totally free of impurities.The sap flows along a nylon thread tied to a small steel foil placed under the incision, it allows harvesting every two days allowing for longer cannas almost totally free of impurities.


Manna constitutes a pharmacologically important substance because it is used against various diseases.

Mainly it is used to combat constipation problems and as a purgative without secondary actions and to care for the skin by giving an emollient and moisturizing effect never seen before. 

The Products of Manna madonita

  • Pure Manna Soap Pure Manna Soap

    Pure Manna Soap

    150 gr
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