La marca del consumatore

La Marca del Consumatore Pasta is the first 100% Italian pasta created by us!

Wheat is produced in Puglia and the Po Valley, and its purchase guarantees a 30 percent higher remuneration for small producers than the prices imposed by the market.

But it doesn't end there:

Our pasta is produced by Sgambaro, the first company in Italy to obtain "100% Italian durum wheat" and "Km zero" certification.


  • Wheat cultivation method: sustainable agriculture, which avoids exploitation of natural resources,
  • Pasta Factory and Mill: semolina is produced by the mill attached to the pasta factory to ensure total traceability of the pasta,
  • Bronze drawn to be more porous and better hold the seasoning,
  • Traditional, slow drying at low temperature
  • Produced with 100% green energy.

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The Products of The Consumer Brand

  • Penne rigate - 500 gr.

    Penne rigate

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    500 gr
  • Fusilli - 500 gr.


    2 recensione(i)
    500 gr
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