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Le Tovagliette del buongiorno di MIR sono realizzate in canapa e lino, morbide al tatto e robuste per l’uso sono l’ideale per iniziare bene la giornata, in pace con la terra.

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Con una misura standard di 31×31 le Tovagliette del buongiorno sono molto eleganti , si abbinano facilmente a ogni stile di arredamento, che sia rustico o che sia chic, perfette con ogni tipo di arredamento.

Fruit of social inclusion all of MIR's products are not only beautiful, they enable you to contribute to the realization of a more just and inclusive society.

Misure: 31×31
Materiale: lino, canapa
Provenienza: Provincia di Orvieto

Attention to people and the raw materials used, processing methods and care for each individual piece to offer each customer a unique and special piece. This is MIR, the Orvieto-based social cooperative born with Progetto Policoro in the Diocese of Orvieto that through work offers opportunities, second chances and redemption for many people who have ended up on the margins of society.


31 x 31 cm


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A tailor-atelier established in 2013 in the heart of Orvieto, the MIR Cooperative accommodates "disadvantaged" individuals by creating textile products geared toward the recovery of craftsmanship and craftsmanship. 

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