Theory of the Disadvantaged Class by Raffaele Alberto Ventura


What happens when an entire generation, born middle-class and raised in the belief that it can improve-or at worst maintain-its position in the social pyramid, suddenly discovers that places are limited, that what it considered rights are actually privileges, and that neither commitment nor talent will suffice to defend it from the terrible specter of demotion? What happens when the affluent class suddenly discovers itself to be disadvantaged?

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Raffaele Alberto Ventura formulates a merciless self-criticism of this social class, "too rich to give up their aspirations, but too poor to realize them." Above all, he dismantles the role of the secular institutions we continue to revere: the school, the university, the culture industry and the social web. Published online in 2015, Theory of the Disadvantaged Class became a small carbonated cult before being totally revised and completed for this first definitive edition.

Pages: 262
ISBN: 978-88-7521-817-1
Publication date: September 2017


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