Why not make it easy to buy products online from companies which are often small and committed to their geographical area to really change the economic system and their community? Why not offer a store that has only socially and environmentally responsible products?

This is how Gioosto was conceived. Gioosto is an e-commerce dedicated to companies that offer quality products without forgetting that work is a means of restoring dignity to people, that the environment is a treasure to be handed over to our children, and that local communities are the real social capital to invest in.

When you buy a Gioosto biscuit, you not only buy expertly-kneaded flour and water, but you take home the scents of lands at risk of abandonment, the joy of a boy who has learned a skill that will prevent his return to prison, the serenity of a family that sees their child master a productive role despite disabilities.
And much, much more.



Not just ethical, but above all, good! Quality, often excellence, is the basis of a Gioosto product, from the raw materials used to the production process.


Work is one of the most powerful tools of integration and social recognition. Many Gioosto producers employ people in difficult circumstances, restoring their dignity.


A Gioosto product also has a fair price! We have chosen to charge prices that guarantee the right compensation to companies whilst not becoming luxury goods.


Natural and recyclable materials, attention to production processes, and also recovery and recycling. A Gioosto product is environmentally conscious!


Gioosto is the online sales platform of NeXt Social Commerce, a benefit corporation with the goal of creating well-being for the community and the environment. NSC was established as a spin-off of NeXt-Nuova Economia per Tutti, the association active since 2012 on issues of civil economy and sustainability which brings together 40 organisations, more than 500 companies and start-ups, and over 100 schools throughout Italy.

1 young president, 4 professionals under 40, 1 professor, 1 entire consortium and the desire to make it easy to buy products that are not just objects, but projects and life choices. This is Gioosto!

The Consorzio Sale della Terra, which is a member of NeXt Social Commerce, uses work as an integration and redemption tool in Benevento and surrounding areas. Within Gioosto, it offers not just its products but also the history of all of its 15 component cooperatives.



Companies are chosen on the basis of their commitment to carry out civil economy projects, thanks to the NeXt Self-Assessment Questionnaire, which reports the sustainability commitments of each company in 6 reference areas linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda: transparency and corporate organisation; people and the working environment; relationship with citizens/consumers; supply chain; behaviour towards the natural environment; behaviour towards the local community. 

It is, therefore, NeXt's Ethics Committee that gives the green light to manufacturers' membership and the opportunity to access the Gioosto platform with their products.

Only selected companies which pay attention to production processes, quality, people and work. A single platform offering many high value-added products for sale, with the advantages of a single payment and a single shipment.


Do you have any questions for us? Do you want to start a partnership? Or do you know any sustainable companies you'd like to see on Gioosto? Whatever your need, our team is at your disposal!