Litografi vesuviani

The Vesuvius Litographers Cooperative was founded in 2000 out of the need for psychiatric patients and families to find a dimension to participate in local social and economic life.

From the union of the world of screen printing with the world of social inclusion, the project of the "Vesuvians" kicks off, also with the support of Fondazione Con il Sud, which now works for public and private companies in the market for innovative services and handcrafted products in the fields of Screen Printing, Graphics and Typography.

Alongside these services, a small production of smells and medicinal herbs completes the offerings of this dynamic and versatile company. All to be tried!

The Products of Vesuvian Lithographers

  • Jar with smells - 100 gr

    Jar with smells

    100 gr
  • Lavender pouch - 100 gr

    Lavender pouch

    100 gr
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