Life, death and miracles of Bonfiglio Liborio by Remo Rapino


Liborio Bonfiglio is a crocodile, the madman whom everyone scoffs at and who wanders freakishly and erratically over the basalt slabs of a country that is never named.

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Yet in his garrulous voice the twentieth century returns to parade before our eyes with the overwhelming and festive rhythm of a procession with marching band in tow.
For everything in Liborio is made into story, word, somersault and memory: school, apprenticeship in a barber shop, the brothels, the war and the Resistance, factory work, the union, the asylum, the loneliness of old age.

Through the miracle of an unpredictable, crooked and circular language, somewhere between tradition and tightrope walking, Remo Rapino has written a novel that amuses and moves, and pulses in every line with a fragile but stubborn humanity, the kind that only a madman like Liborio, who lived on the margins, amid so many dreams gone to waste and lost words, could preserve.

Author: Remo Rapino
Pages: 265
ISBN: 978-88-3389-087-6
Publication date: October 2019


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