Sauce of cherry tomato siccagno and eggplant


The sauce organic tomato is made with Siccagno cherry tomatoes and eggplant in the feud confiscated from the Mafia "Verbumcaudo."


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Discover ready-made sauce from sustainable, biolgoic agriculture that guarantees a product rich in flavor and nutrients.

Ingredients: Sauce cherry tomato siccagno*, 90%, Eggplant* 5%, Onion* 1.5%,
Extra Virgin Olive Oil* 1.5%,, cane sugar* 1%, basil*, salt,
chili pepper*
*from Organic Farming

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In the heart of Sicily, in the Madonie Mountains, the Verbumcaudo Social Cooperative works the eponymous feud confiscated from the Mafia, growing legumes, tomatoes, cereals, vineyards and olive groves, all strictly under organic regulations.

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