Bella di Cerignola PDO Black Olives


Pietra di Scarto "Bella di Cerignola" PDO Black Olives are a typical Apulian cultivar, grown in a specific area of the Dauno territory.

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The olives, hand-picked and processed after a few hours according to the traditional Apulian recipe, to make a product of absolute excellence.

In the process, known as the Californian System, the olives are placed in water and salt for at least 30 days, softened with sodium solution, washed and then oxidized by introducing compressed air into the water. Stored for 30 days in water and salt, they are then pasteurized and packaged.

Ideal as an aperitif, a condiment for salads, pizzas and main courses, "Bella di Cerignola" Black Olives are sweet and juicy, produced organically and with respect for the dignity of workers.

Packaging: glass jar
Weight: Net weight 580 g - Drained weight 310 g
Ingredients: Black olives, water, salt; color stabilizer: ferrous gluconate
Origin: Province of Foggia


580 gr


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COD: PDS.OL.NR.580. Category: Preserves

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