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The Gift Card Gioosto, perfect for giving at any event: a responsible gift with all the freedom of choice for the recipient.

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Gift Cards Gioosto are a perfect choice for those who want to highlight their commitment to sustainability without sacrificing the convenience of an electronic shopping voucher: 100% values and quality with the flexibility of a personalized purchase, with no worries about shipping and delivery.

The standard duration of the Gift Card Gioosto is 6 months, customizable, as is the denomination, available from 10 euros and up.

You can also have your Gift Card Gioosto with your company logo or image of your choice, along with the message that will be delivered to your employees, customers or partners.

The amount spent on the purchase of Gift Cards Gioosto may be part of the supplementary corporate welfare system (see Art. 51 TUIR) or deductible as a corporate gift (see Art. 108, para. 2 Presidential Decree 917/86).


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