Chocolate-covered candied orange


Chocolate-covered Candied Orange is world famous for its unique taste that brings back the scents of Sicily.


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Made by L'Arcolaio inside the Syracuse Prison, starting with candied orange peels, then covered in dark chocolate to create irresistible chocolates.

Ingredients: Extra dark chocolate* (cocoa paste*°, cane sugar*°, cocoa butter*°, emulsifier: non-GMO soy lecithin, vanilla extract*°), candied orange peel (*orange peel*, cane sugar*). Minimum cocoa in chocolate: 60%
Packaging: 100g bag
Provenance: province of Syracuse


100 gr

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Founded in Syracuse in 2003, the social cooperative L'Arcolaio with the aim of fostering the social and labor reintegration of inmates and other disadvantaged people, runs a food workshop inside the Prison and a social agriculture project in the heart of the Iblei Mountains.

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