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Solidarity corporate gifts and more.

Our services are designed for all companies that want to make their businesses more inclusive, sustainable and ethical. 

Joining our B2B plans means taking an important step toward Corporate Social Responsibility.

You will be a promoter of a corporate culture that ensures social inclusion for the frail and intellectually disabled, generate labor inclusion to migrants and prisoners, reward farmers who respect the land, and fortify the network of associations working in areas confiscated from the Mafia. 

Joining our B2B plans will provide you with a dedicated consultant who will help you create an action plan tailored to your budget!

Why Choose Us.

Our corporate solidarity Christmas gifts have a high social and environmental value.

You will find only products made from high quality raw materials certified to be 100% sustainable and ethical.

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The benefits to your business

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability (CSR)

Valuing and engaging employees

Reputation and brand enhancement

Support for enterprises that do social inclusion

Achievement of the goals of Agenda 2030

Realization of a new model of Civil Economy

We will assess your impact

All expenses for our B2B services are deductible and you will receive an impact assessment from NeXt New Economy for All that can be included in your company's social report. You will receive a document, shareable on all your channels where it is attested, through the analytical method, which areas you have improved with your purchase, here is an example:



You will have a dedicated consultant who will follow you step by step
to guarantee you our tailor-made services on solidarity corporate gifts and everything else.

Integrative Welfare

Give your employees our gift cards and offer them the opportunity to do healthy and fair shopping by taking advantage of fringe benefits, fully deductible to you.
Our agribusiness catalog offers only 100% green products made by sustainable companies, validated according to ESG and BES criteria! We will guarantee Gift Card holders timely assistance from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. to resolve any doubts about use.

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Solidarity corporate Christmas and non-Christmas gifts

Our solidarity corporate gifts are made from the highest quality products, organic raw materials and from Circular Economy.
Choose from more than 1,000 products to create the right sustainable corporate gifts for you, or we will offer our already assorted bundel .
We can take care of storage until delivery to your location.

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Sustainable supplies

Ready-to-use products and 100% sustainable food and non-food raw materials, all designed to turn your event or corporate canteen into an opportunity to tell your green and ethical commitment.
Only high-quality products made with respect for the environment and people in fragile conditions.

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Our service is dedicated to all businesses belonging to the Ho.Re.Ca. sector that want to take a step towards sustainability and provide themselves with 100% green and fair trade raw materials and ready-made products.
Choose from hundreds of food, personal hygiene and room cleaning products in business format.

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Solidarity wedding favors for wedding planners

Our solidarity wedding favors are designed for all Wedding Planners who want to help their clients turn their wedding into an event where they contribute to the good of people in fragile states. Not only gifts, also certified organic food products.

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The benefits do not end there

  • We will promote your business on our communication channels and to our more than 10,000 newsletter subscribers

  • We will create a page on the website dedicated to your reality and reachable only by your employees with a selection of manufacturers or products

  • We will customize the materials in the bundel and gift cards

  • Logistics will be fully managed by Gioosto

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