This is Gioosto, the sustainable ecommerce

In Brief

Gioosto is the sustainable ecommerce you've been waiting for: eco-friendly household products, ethical and 100% green food products, not only good but made with respect for people, the environment and local communities. Gioosto Is the platform of Next Social Commerce srl benefit company.

What is Gioosto for us

For us, Gioosto before being an ethical and sustainable ecommerce is a safe place. A dimension where the work of social cooperatives that put fragile categories at the center is rewarded, a place where those who fight the mafia receive Gioosto recognition or where small producers who respect the environment can feel at home.

Gioosto enhances all this, offering you the good and positive side of Italy, by buying our products you will generate change and become a superhero.


Not only ethical, especially good! Quality, is the basis of a product Gioosto, from the raw materials used to the production process.


Work is one of the most powerful tools for integration and social recognition. Gioosti producers employ people in difficult conditions, restoring their dignity.


A product Gioosto also has a fair price! We have chosen to charge prices that guarantee fair compensation for companies, without becoming luxury goods.


Natural and recyclable materials, attention to production processes but also recovery and recycling. Sustainable products from Gioosto are environmentally conscious!

About Us

Gioosto is the sustainable ecommerce of NeXt Social Commerce, a benefit company with the goal of creating well-being for the community and the environment. NSC was born as a spin-off of NeXt-Nuova Economia per Tutti, the association active since 2012 on the issues of civil economy and sustainability that brings together 40 organizations, more than 500 companies and startups and more than 100 schools throughout Italy.

1 young president, 5 professionals under 40, 1 professor, 1 entire consortium and the desire to make it easy to buy products that are not just things, but projects and life choices. This is Gioosto!

He is a member of NeXt Social Commerce, the Salt of the Earth Consortium that in Benevento and surrounding areas uses labor as a tool for integration and redemption. It brings to Gioosto its eco-sustainable products, but also the story of all 15 cooperatives that make it up.

They support the project

Gioosto is also

Benefit enterprise that thinks about the well-being of communities and its workers/suppliers.
ESG enterprise that witnesses social and environmental impact through the work of a nonprofit like NeXt

Plastic free warehousing and shipping

Social inclusion work in the supply chain Gioosto

Selection of product and company sustainability of suppliers

Circular economy and combating waste

Calculation of impact

Fast and sustainable shipping

How we select companies

Companies are chosen on the basis of their commitment to pursuing civic economy projects, thanks to the NeXt Self-Assessment Questionnaire, which reports each company's sustainability commitments in 6 target areas linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda:

  • transparency and business organization;
  • people and the work environment;
  • The relationship with citizens/consumers;
  • the supply chain;
  • behaviors toward the natural environment;
  • behaviors toward the local community.

It is, therefore, NeXt's ethics committee that has given the green light for producers to join and be able to access the Gioosto, green ecommerce platform with their products.

Only selected companies, attention to production processes and quality, importance of people and labor. One platform to offer many high value-added products for sale and have the advantages of one payment and one shipping.

Are you a producer and think you meet the requirements?